TAILGATING: Party on Wheels Edition


We are giving away a Lands’ End Rolling Cooler (a $99.50 value!)

Please submit your best USC tailgating photo to scoop@trojanwire.com. The winner will be posted and announced on Wednesday, December 26th.

The rolling cooler. It’s a phenomenon. It’s a party on wheels. It’s everything you want when schlepping to the Rose Bowl.

It’s got in-line skate wheels. A telescopic retractable handle. And a large main compartment for beers with an additional divided wall section to snugly store up to 4 of your favorite bottles of vino.

But in our eternal quest for “fair and balanced” reporting, we present you with the Lands’ End Rolling Cooler competition.

We’ll begin with a feature coveted by the nomadic tailgater — collapsibility.

Folding the cooler into something to slip under your arm, saves you a trip running back to the car or running the risk of cleverly stashing it somewhere hidden before kickoff. The downside to the collapsible cooler is they are made of inferior materials and have a tendency to break, leak or waffle.


This was our first rolling cooler (approximately $25.00). You can see the how this looks in its collapsed state. Despite the negative reviews about poor quality and leaking, we’ve found it to serve its purpose. Since it is currently unavailable though, here are some other options.


This collapsible rolling cooler is stocked by Target. Probably a decent value at $24.99.


This has got to be the shittiest collapsible rolling cooler on the market. But at $12.99 it’s practically disposable.


This USC logo inscribed rolling cooler is out of stock, and while visually less than appealing, it does have straps so that it could be carried as a backpack.


Short of a keg on a trash can dolly, the Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler, with its tractor-sized wheels and oversized pull handle, is the best way to go big.


Now if you are a NASCAR dork from the SEC, you may want drop $500 on a cooler scooter. But no way are you ever getting laid in L.A. riding around on one of these.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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