2008 Rose Bowl Champions

(Photo by Image of Sport)

(Photo by Image of Sport)

(Photo by Image of Sport)

(Photo by Image of Sport)

(Photo by Image of Sport)

2007 Rose Bowl – Illinois vs. Southern California [Images of Sport]

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

0 thoughts on “2008 Rose Bowl Champions

  1. USC shouldn’t be number one because of the two losses. While they really are number one, other teams could be peaking at this time and there simply has to be a playoff to be fair. Losing to Stanford is the killer. JDB is a good QB and has some records to prove it, Leinart was a great QB, and that caliber of player can get wins in and of itself. JDB is not capable of carrying a team (he shouldn’t have to, but Leinart could do it), and that’s the only way you can win games when there’s a total team meltdown. I’m not criticizing JDB, heck I was an off-guard in basketball and could hit the open shot but not take the best player to the hole. So, USC should have won all their games this season; not doing so was nothing short of total team breakdown. Therefore, a national title is really asking too much.

  2. LSU can’t carry USC’s jock strap! We got ripped off again because we live in So Cal and are the bomb and everyone is jealous that we are and have the best of everything.

  3. Harlon, I am sorry to see you are so upset about LSU being in the BCS Bowl. However, I have an idea. I think SC should declare it’s self and independent,just like Notre Dame and leave the Pac 10. SC should play a schedule that is truly worthy of them and not some patsy Pac 10 schedule. SC should play Michigan,Ohio State, Texas and LSU on an annual basis. By playing these teams annually, SC would surely show that they are the “bomb and the best of everything.” Harlon, would’nt you agree with me? Harlon, by the way since SC is really the bomb. How come they do not have a national television contract?

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