Parcells to Keyshawn: Un-retire.

Former USC and NFL receiver Keyshawn Johnson saw his pro-career end abruptly, and as many would agree, prematurely. It’s clear now Dwayne Jarrett wasn’t yet ready to jump in and replace Keyshawn’s spot on the Carolina Panthers roster. But the three-time Pro Bowl receiver took his dismissal from the Panthers in stride, happily transitioning as many former NFL players do, into a comfortable life as sports broadcaster. In Keyshawn Johnson’s case, an ESPN telecaster.

It was at ESPN that Keyshawn was reunited with former coach Bill Parcells. The two time Super Bowl winning coach had previously coached Johnson for three years while playing for the New York Jets and later another two with the Cowboys. But it’s always back to football for the Big Tuna. Parcells recently un-retired for a third time, to become Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the dismal Miami Dolphins. And now CBS’ Jim Berry is reporting, Parcells wants Keyshawn to do the same.

“…Parcells is telling Keyshawn Johnson that if he un-retires he can have a job in Miami. Sources are telling CBS4 Sports that Parcells is reaching out to his former receiver in New York and Dallas about possibly joining the Dolphins.”

Johnson, the top overall draft pick in 1996, is now faced with a decision. Get back out there and finish the game he still has left in him? Or stay and continue to make controversial interviews with the likes of Chad Johnson? Either one seems to be a win for the fan. One thing is certain, a Keyshawn grab would make the Dolphins happy. Keyshawn’s got 10,571 yards on his career. That’s 961yards per/season average. That’s more yards than the Dolphins’ top two receivers had last year combined.


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