2008 Recruiting Dinner


The scene was on court at the Galen Center again, where a couple times Pete Carroll expressed his desire to see Tim Floyd’s bunch hand the Bruins another loss this year.

Carroll said this class was about “bigs” not “flash” and he felt fortunate that the Trojans were in a position to play it this way, this year. Joe McKnight was sure excited about the 5 solid offensive line prospects.

After the jump are some notes from last nights event.

Armando Armstead:
Nicknamed “Armo”, this was a middle of nowhere recruit found by Rocky Seto. After competing at Trojan camps, he promptly elevated his recruiting ranking from a 2-star to a 4 or 5-star.

Blake Ayles:
At a HS All-Star game, many expressed that Ayles was the best football player on the field, regardless of position.

T.J. Bryant:
A NSD bonus. He is fast. He comes from a HS notorious for its DBs… and that HS is 5 minutes from Florida State. He is one DB recruit that actually played DB in HS.

Brice Butler:
Rumored to have superior hands… should give the current WR position a much needed wake-up call.

Daniel Campbell:
Up to 363 pounds now.

Jurrell Casey:
Was said he could be a DT like Baby Sapp (Mike Patterson) or Donkey Kong (Sedrick Ellis);

Khaled Holmes:
Brother of former-USC TE Alex Holmes, who was at the Galen Center for the event. Great to have family, but this guy is not on a free ride by any means. Coaches were commenting about the great “guy” behind him throwing the ball, Matt Barkley (NCAA rules refrain coaches from talking about 2009 recruits).

Shane and Wes Horton:
Dad is Gemini (from 1989 to 1992). Older brother of Wes Horton, and a UNLV transfer, this is one that the Trojans probably wouldn’t have started talking to so early and so much if it wasn’t for that whole Rocky Hinds and Eric Wright thing. Coah Carroll said, “it was a great get.”

Malik Jackson:
Pretty quick off the line.

Uona Keveinga:
Pete and Ken Norton had to eat horse meat (a Tongan delicacy) in their quest to steal this UCLA commitment.

Matt Kalil:
By far the most impressive tape of any recruit (and he’s an offensive lineman). If Ryan Kalil’s brother can pancake 2 guys on every play like he did in HS, look out!

Curtis McNeal:
He is a small RB (listed at 5’8″) but in no way is that a bad thing. He has great style and a tougness about him. Best thing is his nickname is “Moody” so we can forget about that other puss that couldn’t compete.

Matt Meyer:

He is 6′ fuckin’ 8″. Another offensive line prospect.

Nick Perry:
Another NSD addition. You can kiss Brendan Carroll’s ass for securing this guy from Michigan (along with Ronald Johnson from last year). But we’d rather kiss his newlywed wife; wow, she is something else. Super tall, wearing some black go-go boots. Pretty face. Pretty dress. Wish we took a picture to share.

D.J. Shoemate:
He’s been committed for 3 years — 3 times longer than John Morton (WR coach) has been a Trojan. He can line up in the backfield and is similar to a Percy Harvin or Joe McKnight.

Maurice Simmons:
One of 10 siblings, 8 who have been to college and 2 who are going. Straight outta Compton, his parents never let any of them outside. A little scary, but nice to add a disciplined upbringing to the team.

Tyron Smith:
A specimen of an offensive lineman.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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