Moving on Up, USC Signs 19

National Signing Day has come to a close, and the sunset at dusk was looking a lot more golden. Or, should I say, cardinal and golden. It was USC’s offensive line that was supposed to have the really big day. And with 5-star recruits Matt Kalil and Tyron Smith signing on, they got it. Add on 4-star Daniel Campbell, Khaled Holmes and Matt Meyer into the o-line mix, and the Trojans just set themselves up for domination.

But the day’s biggest surprises came on defense.

USC already had strong defensive end prospects in 4-stars Wes Horton and Malik Jackson. Then they landed Nick Perry, a 6-3, 240-pounder, who had 36 sacks as a senior. As reported by SportingNews, Carroll had this to say about the surprise draw from Michigan.

“We’re really, really thrilled with what he’s going to bring,” Carroll said.

A few hours later, the Trojans landed another big surprise: multi-talented TJ Bryant from Florida. The kid can play nearly everything, but will probably land himself at corner. The last surprise came near the end of the day, and for Trojan fans, was probably the sweetest. Ex-UCLA commit Uona Kavienga, who had recommitted to BYU, finally landed himself at the Trojan’s signing desk. Uona Kavienga, a four-star linebacker, had a 141 tackles and eights sacks as a senior and is a definite feather in the Trojan Cap. Or helmet. Or whatever…

Point is, the day wasn’t so bad as everybody expected it would be.

And to all the Trojan haters waiting eagerly for the fall of Troy? With 2008 turning out better than expected, and 2009 already shaping up to be an excellent recruiting class…you might just have to wait through another four years of Trojan supremacy.


0 thoughts on “Moving on Up, USC Signs 19

  1. Mehhhhh, hatin’ USC gives some people something to do in life. Big ups to the Trojans coaching staff for another great year in the recruiting trenches. Fight On!

  2. Anyday, anytime the Trojans wipe the bruins (wether it be football,basketball,baseball, or even Bat-mitten)it is a wonderful day! And I am super glad we punked them again in the recruitting day, too! P.S. for the web-master, the words ucla or the bruins,or westwood should never be captialized!~ they should always be written in lower case letters! Sincerely Jerome H. Weymouth

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