Light at the End of the Tunnel: USC/Coliseum Reach Deal

Light at the end of the tunnel copy.jpg

Don’t pack up those tailgates and head for Pasadena just yet… USC and the coliseum commission are confident they have reached a tentative deal that would satisfy both their needs, reports Sam Farmer of the LA Times. Included in the deal are a renewed 25-year lease between USC and the Coliseum, major renovations to the aging venue, stipulations that USC take part in any future negotiations between the coliseum and a possible NFL franchise, and USC veto-power over any NFL-Coliseum deal.

The Coliseum commission still has to vote on the terms of the deal. But as Farmer writes:

“So confident are the sides that a final resolution is near, they have called a 5:30 p.m. news conference at the Coliseum that includes elected officials from the city, county and state, and the Trojans marching band.”

USC’s been playing at the coliseum since beating Pomona College 23-7, October 6, 1923. Barring any hinderance of this 25-year deal, the USC Trojans will be set to celebrate a century at the historical venue, only fifteen years from now.


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