Mayo, Trojans One Step Closer

Trojans Pull Off Oregon Win, 81-75

It wasn’t pretty for most of the game, but USC has come out on top. After trailing to the Ducks throughout the entire first half, the Trojans battled it out in the second, pulling off a vital win. It was the first game after OJ Mayo scored an embarrassing 4 points against UCLA, and unfortunately for Oregon, it was they who suffered his revenge.

Mayo landed 32 points, including 5-7 for 3 pointers. Taj Gibson showed his power with 15 points and 8 rebounds while Angelo Johnson (14pts, 4 assists), Dwight Lewis (12pts) and Davon Jefferson (8pts, 5 reb) followed right behind.

Being that injured starting guard Daniel Hackett made the difference in Trojans’ last win at Oregon in over-time with a career-high 26 points, this victory without him must have tasted bittersweet. Still surprisingly enough, it was his replacement, Angelo Johnson along with backup Keith Wilkinson that made the difference. And despite Mayo’s 32 points it might have been the Trojan that didn’t even land a shot that had the biggest game: Keith Wilkinson. Hot off the bench, Wilkinson came up with a career-high 11 rebounds, 3 assists and a blocked shot.

Not-to-shabby. With the win, USC moves into fourth place in the conference.

-stats from ESPN-U


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