Rachal’s Journey

Rachal draft.jpg
Image from scfootball.blogspot.com

There are 11 USC seniors heading into the NFL draft, and then there’s Chilo Rachal. The starting offensive guard was the only Trojan junior to declare. He might not have the clout as a Sedrick Ellis, Keith Rivers or Lawrence Jackson, who all raised their draft-stock with super senior-seasons. But Rachal can’t wait another season. That’s because, according to Clark Judge of CBS.com, Rachal doesn’t have the same luxury of time.

His mother, Veronica Pickett, has a stomach tumor that, Rachal said, is “the size of a six-month-old baby” and requires treatment. Treatment means medical bills, and bills mean insurance…She doesn’t have it.

The same goes for his father, who is suffering from hernias and tendinitis of the knee. His surgeries to fix the hernias are complete, but the bills keep coming.

Rachal said, “I have no choice. I have to do something for my family…I love my mother, and I’m doing the best thing I can to put her in a better situation,” he said. “She’s my motivation every day I wake up.”

Different sports sites project Chilo Rachal going anywhere from second to fourth round.


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