Chelsea Wilson Heats things Up

Chelsea Wilson Volleyball.jpg
Chelsea Wilson (blue-striped tie) is a defensive specialist for the Trojans. Image via Busted Coverage.

What’s better than a hot chick in a full school girl uniform? A smoking hot USC volleyball player wearing not much of her school girl uniform at all. The geniuses over at Busted Coverage have posted provocative shots of the talented defensive specialist and setter, who made it all the way to the national semi-finals in 2007. But Chelsea comes from a family that’s used to being in the spotlight. Her father, Doug Wilson had a 16-year career as a defensive player in the NHL, before continuing on to become the executive VP and general manager of the San Jose Sharks.

And it’s topical thanks to the overly-dressed girl in the Favre uniform. Brett Favre retired today after 17 seasons in the league, and holds nearly every NFL quarterback record known to man.


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