USC #2 Hottest Student Body

USC TOP pcc1.jpg
Julie Henderson’s SI shoot at USC

Send the big-uggos over to Westwood, because anatomy is always better at USC. And I’m not talking about classes. We’ve always known that USC ranks among the hottest student bodies in the nation, but now it’s official. Internet celebrity tabloid, The Popcorn Crunch Show, has released the Hottest Student Bodies: The 50 Best Colleges Ranked By Looks. And out of the hundreds of Universities in this great nation, the University of Sexy Southern California won a #2 ranking over-all.

Take a look at some of USC’s hot bodies inside.

USC PCC2.jpg


Everyone knows the USC Song Girls who have repeatedly been voted the hottest cheerleaders in the nation.


Here’s a favorite from a fan. *Thanks P.E.



But its not just the Song Gilrs. The student athletes are just as gorgeous, blurring the line between athlete and cheerleader, and making sporting events that much more fun. Like Chelsea Wilson in the striped tie, Volleyball (Top) and Katja Sadowski, Tennis (Bottom).


And here’s to the Alumni, whose hotness still rivals any other college-student population.

Representing Delta Gamma Alumna is Amy of

And it’s not just the cheerleaders, athletes and alumni, first and foremost it’s about the regular student body. Heres a snippet CrushTV did on USC hotties, pulled up on youtube.

Yes, USC is looking damn good. Have hot pictures of your friends, girlfriend or yourself taken at USC, a USC tailgate or in Trojan gear? Send them in to:


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  1. Do they even allow any ethnic chicks there? Bout sick of all the blonde hair blue eye Paris Hilton wannabe bitches!

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