Fargas Goes Country – April Fools

Fargas Black white and blues.jpg
As I’m sure most of you guessed, April Fools…

Justin Fargas recently signed a three year, 14-million dollar contract with the Oakland Raiders. Why then, is he so blue? The musically inclined Fargas owns 3rd Eye Entertainment, his record-label which previously released his first solo-rap album “Young Hugg in Black and White” for Christmas 2006. But Fargas seems to have had a change of heart, trading in the young-thug street image for the softer young-huggy who just lost his woman and accidentally ran over his own dog. Yes, Justin Fargas plans to release his first country album, “Black, White and Blue” Christmas of 2008. But why the change of heart?

“You know, when I’m out there on the field, it’s me against the world,” Fargas paused for a moment. “It gets to you. Always running. Running from something. From someone…I started listening to some Leann [Rimes] one day and it stuck. I realized I had a lot [in] common with those words. I’m more than just football.”

The tracks on the album? The names they’ve released so far include, Always Running from my WomanI shot my ‘ol Dog Dead and I Went to Bed with Louise, But Woke Up with Luis. Look out for that last track, which our insider says boasts a guest “speaking” track from former Trojan teammate and Bengals QB Carson Palmer.



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