Thanks to Bob P for capturing this historic event on Saturday.

TrojanWire offered, albeit not publicly, a $1000 bounty to anyone who could successfully run the bases in full O.J. Simpson regalia and manage a headfirst-safe slide into home, but apparently the prospect of LA County bail was substantially more than our offer (or there is still very little liquid courage in those Coliseum beers).

Neither team played anyone in left field in this game of “Arena baseball”. At 201 feet, shorter than a little league field, the left field foul pole was so close to the infield that a ball hit off the screen could almost be relayed by the shortstop to catch a slow runner at first.

One of the few Bruins that gets a free pass here, most notably for his recent work with Andrew Bynum, but also for a fantastic acting career. Kareem Abdul Jabbar throwing one of the many “first pitches”. His version hit the grass about halfway to the plate and about halfway up the first base line. In a classic move, he quickly called for the ball to be returned to him, and he promptly hit the plate with a “sky hook”.

“Smilin’ Tony” Villaraigosa signing autographs. Note the guy with the “Gagne” Dodger jersey. His hat, in USC Cardinal and Gold colors, was actually a Dodger hat seen below here.

You can currently buy this fitted hat in a 7 1/4 size on eBay.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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