McKnight Ineligible for Spring

Oh no, Joe! Where did you go? Don’t expect to see sophomore tailback phenomenon Joe McKnight strutting his stuff any more this Spring. You won’t find him breaking tackles in practice. You won’t see him at the Trojan Huddle, twisting, cutting and dancing up the sidelines. That’s because Joe McKnight is academically ineligible for the remaining week of Spring after dropping a class, leaving him below the required amount of 12 academic units. As reported on the LA Times Blog, Carroll had this to say of McKnight’s situation:

“I’m disappointed, but it was coming and he didn’t take care of business in one particular class that got him,”…Asked if he would use McKnight as an example, Carroll said, “It’s about as obvious an example as you can get.”

But worry not Trojan faithful. This setback should have no effect on McKnight’s eligibility to play come Fall. In fact, the action of dropping the class was taken to ensure McKnight would maintain a decent enough GPA so that he wouldn’t be in trouble come football season. Now hopefully the other backs will seize this opportunity to take center stage for a while. In this game, with this team especially, you have to take every chance you get to prove yourself. Look for Stafon Johnson, Allen Bradford, CJ Gable, Broderick Green and Marc Tyler at the Huddle (and in that order).


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