Lords of the Bling

Pac-10/Rose Bowl Championship Ring. Image from PeteCarroll.com

In what’s become an annual tradition, the Trojans received their Pac-10 and Rose Bowl championship rings before the end of Spring Practice. And wow, what a ring. As reported by Ben Malcolmson for USCRipsIt and PeteCarroll.com, the USC Trojans’ personalized rings feature 74 diamonds and six rubies set in an elaborate design.

“We wanted to do something that was not only different from the previous five rings, but also new and different from what any other school has done it,” said director of football operations Dennis Slutak, who was the chief designer of the ring.

And for the fallen Trojans:

As a special touch, the inside of the band is inscribed with “#54 Trojans Forever #19,” memorializing Drean Rucker and Mario Danelo, two fallen Trojans who would’ve been seniors in 2007.

Follow this link to the article in its entirety and all views of this incredible ring.



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