NFL DRAFT: Jaguars Double-Dip into Trojan Talent Pool, Draft Washington

Chauncey Washington for President; ’06 &’07 Highlights

Then the Jaguars double-dipped into the Trojan talent pool, grabbing runningback Chauncey Washington with the 6th pick of the 7th round. Washington came to the Trojans in the same ’03 class as Lendale White and Reggie Bush. But injuries had him sidelined in ’03 and redshirt in ’04 and ’05. But as they saying goes, patience ended up being Washington’s greatest virtue.

With the departure of Bush and White to the NFL, and USC’s tailback situation in question, Washington was the back who stepped up. He led the Trojans in rushing in 2006 with 744 yards and 9 TDs. Then in 2007, Washington kicked it up a notch. Even with young-uns Joe McKnight and Stafon Johnson as viable tailback options, Chauncey Washington was the choice for O.C. Sarkisian and Pete Carroll. Washington received more than double the carries as any other tailback, and led the Trojans with 969 yards and 10 TDs. 220 of his near 1,000 yards came from a remarkable career-high game, with Washington running all over a very soggy Cal Bears.

Washington is a sizable north-south runner with excellent vision, power and blocking ability, reminiscent of the Lendale White style of game. He should become a solid combo punch along with Jacksonville’s Fred Taylor (1202 yards, 5 TDs in 2007) and Maurice Jones Drew (768 yards, 9 TDs).

Overall it has been an excellent two days for the Trojans, with 10 out of 12 players getting selected in the draft. Only guard Drew Radovich and center Matt Spanos remain undrafted. Both would be steals as free agent picks.


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