NFL Draft Breakdown By Trojan

Draft footage of USC first-rounders: Ellis, Rivers, Baker and Jackson

USC had a phenomenal draft. Nearly 13% of picks drafted in the first round were USC Trojans. USC owned 11% of picks through the end of the second round. USC had 10 draft picks overall, the most out of any school, including four in the first round (also the most out of any school). Here’s the draft breakdown by Trojan player.

Sedrick Ellis – 1st round, 7th pick to the New Orleans, Saints.
Keith Rivers – 1st round, 9th pick, to the Cincinnati Bengals.
Sam Baker – 1st round, 21st pick – to the Atlanta Falcons
Lawrence Jackson – 1st round, 28th pick – Seattle Seahawks

Chilo Rachal – 2nd round, 8th pick – San Francisco, 49ers
Fred Davis – 2nd round, 17th pick – to the Washington Redskins
Terrell Thomas – New York Giants – 2nd round, 32nd pick (63rd overall)

John David Booty – 5th round, 2nd pick – Minnesota Vikings
Thomas Williams – 5th round, 20th pick – Jacksonville Jaguars

Chauncey Washington – 7th round, 6th pick Jacksonville Jaguars


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