Your USC NFL Draft Briefing

This Year: USC had another huge draft weekend with ten players getting selected overall — the most of any school. They also led the way with four first round picks.

Historical Perspective: USC has sent 446 players to the League via the draft. 42 have been picked in the 7 years since Pete Carroll arrived, including 11 in the first round.

No Rush: For four USC draft picks, an extra year in school may have rewarded them with a big payday. Gary Klein explains in Sunday’s LA Times.

No Hype: An interesting forum post found that 10 first rounders in this draft were given two stars or fewer coming out of high school (by at least one of the top recruiting services).

The Trojans:

  • Sedrick Ellis (DT) – New Orleans – 1st round, 7th pick
  • Keith Rivers (OLB) – Cincinnati – 1st round, 9th pick
  • Sam Baker (OT) – Atlanta – 1st round, 21st pick
  • Lawrence Jackson (DE) – Seattle – 1st round, 28th pick
  • Chilo Rachal (OG) – San Francisco – 2nd round, 8th pick (39th overall)
  • Fred Davis (TE) – Washington – 2nd round, 17th pick (48th overall)
    • Post article
    • The Redskins got two receivers as well as pass-catching Davis
  • Terrell Thomas (CB) – New York Giants – 2nd round, 32nd pick (63rd overall)
    • Post blurb (seriously, this was the best coverage we could find in the New York press)
  • John David Booty (QB) – Minnesota – 5th round, 2nd pick (137th overall)
  • Thomas Williams (OLB) – Jacksonville – 5th round, 20th pick (155th overall)
  • Chauncey Washington (RB) – Jacksonville – 7th round, 6th pick (213th overall)

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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