Vote USC’s Merissa – Miss Tempe12

Merissa Tempe12.jpg

She’s intelligent, she’s attractive and she can cook a mean steak. Hungry yet? Meet USC’s most deadly triple-threat, Merissa P. This 23 year old senior is vying to become miss Tempe12, the face of America’s most sexy college student. And you have a chance to make her dream a reality. Show your Trojan pride by casting your vote here.

What exactly is Tempe12? To answer that we’ll paraphrase an article in Entrepreneur: ASU student David Freedman and University of Miami’s Ben Leis were your typical college guys with a dream. And that dream was to find the nation’s hottest college girls. Before long they had compiled a calendar of sun-kissed Sun Devils, and began to sell them like hot cakes. Since its inception Tempe12 has grown nationally, selling advertising to the likes of Budweiser, Corona, and Sobe which allows them to release calendars (for free) to 21 college campuses! Calendars that often feature Trojans, like Erin (a USC French major) posing for the Girls of the Pac-10.

So do your part and vote for Merissa! She likes to hang out at Tommy Trojan, so if you see her on campus say hi. Unless you reek like B.O. (Sorry guys, your stank is her biggest turn off).


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