’s Song Girl of the Week

Allison Song Girl.jpg
USC Song Girl Allison, Image from

It seems has finally got the message…life is hotter at USC. The sports giant has decided to upgrade its Cheerleader of the Week format for a model that’s clearly more advanced: Song Girl of the Week. And this week’s honor goes to USC’s Allison.

This Song Girl is any decent man’s dream come true. Allison not only cheers for our favorite team (and looks damn good doing it), but follows sports (San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Padres and Phoenix Suns) and loves a good philly cheese steak. Plus, under the “Three People who annoy me” question, she correctly answered: UCLA fans, the Stanford Tree and people who doubt me.

Follow the jump for a link to the full Allison photo gallery.

Currently a Junior, Allison is majoring in Business Administration with Strategic Management Concentration. So if you see her at a party and manage to build up the nerve to talk to her — go in knowing she’s not only prettier than you, but smarter as well. And be sure to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, because it’s today, May 6th. If you plan on getting her something, like a fancy trip to Belgium — hold off. Allison doesn’t like chocolate. Instead scrounge up a dollar and invite her on a date to Wendy’s in the U.V. Her confessed guilty pleasure is a Wendy’s frosty.

Allison salute.jpg
Attention cadets. Be sure to check out’s photo gallery of Allison and her USC Song Girl Friends.



0 thoughts on “’s Song Girl of the Week

  1. okay, can someone please explain to me what all the fuss about cheerleaders/songs girls is about?

    sure they are cute and nubile, but what gives here? year after year, i hear reference to their excellence. the truth is, that one out of every two girls on the usc campus right now is prettier than this one here.

  2. Your question is just offensive and should be withdrawn. You are either gay or a woman. But clearly not a gay woman or you would “get it”

  3. Okay DeTrojan, I would like to now withdraw that comment I made about you needing to withdraw your comment about “not getting it.” I have now clicked through to the spread, where the lovely Allison is captured in less photogenic poses, and I think that I might understand the source of your question a little bit better.

    Come to think of it, maybe I am the one who is gay? I mean I did choose the uber-boyish name: Bob The Builder, which is pretty gay.

    Further, I would like to sincerely apologize for accusing you of possibly being gay. I hope that you will understand that my response was just an overreaction to my own insecurity about thoughts, dreams, and feelings that I sometimes have toward other men. I often take the prescribed response to these feelings of confusion over my sexuality and sublimate them with an overdrawn desire toward young women who I also cannot have or obtain.

    More to the point, the homophobia that I displayed is inappropriate for this kind of public forum, and please know that I hope that I did not offend any actual homos who may have been reading this. I know that homos can be good Trojan fans too. Afterall, you homos are people too. And who knows, some day I might have to leave my wife and kids for one of you homos so I really do hope that you’ll forgive me for any impolite comments.

    The truth of the matter is that I really haven’t been able to think straight about any of this stuff since I started up with the Deca.

  4. That’s cute…using other people’s screen names. I hope you’re this much of a genius in real life too.

  5. Bob The (yeah, right? OKAYYYYY!)

    Apart from the steroids, crystal, and admitted insecurities. . . .you seem like a stand-up gay? Er. . .normal dick?. . . .I mean. . . .

    At times, you might even be funny.

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