Growin’ Samoans…and Tongans Too

A past ESPN article estimated that “a Samoan boy is 40 times more likely to reach the NFL than a boy growing up in the United States.” And there’s good reason why. USC knows firsthand the physicality, size and strength of their Polynesian Trojan players. With the nation’s top trainers and one of the largest national platforms, USC has helped its Poly-players (both native and ancestral) excel in the next level. Just take a look at Junior Seau or Lofa Tatupu or Troy Polamalu and the soon to be NFLers Rey Maualuga and Fili Moala…just to name a few.

Now there’s a new name on that list. USC’s 11th addition to its already stellar ’09 class is Tongan native Hebron Fangupo. A JC transfer out of Mt. San Antonio College, the 6-2, 330-pound defensive tackle has the raw size, speed and talent to become the next Polynesian super star. As reported on Scout, Fangupo had this to say of his new-found home:

“I like the tempo. I just like the coaching environment. I like coaches that get a little crazy because I like to get crazy….As a Polynesian, we have a scream that we do before we go into battle, and he (Coach Watson) just kept doing it. I liked that because he has been around a few Polynesians and knows how we work.”

By the time you hear that war cry…it will already be too late.


0 thoughts on “Growin’ Samoans…and Tongans Too

  1. Big Congats to All the Polynesian’s in the Sports World and also the ones whom are serving in the Armed Forces. Its all bout the Poly-Pride, Strength, Honor and Tradition… GOD BLESS !!!

    FIGHT ON !!!!!

  2. Yup……..much props to the uso’s and tamasii’s puttin it down! Yeeeeahhh. Keep doin it my brothas, cause the little one’s are seeing ya’ll.

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