NBA Draft Day

Yes, it’s drafty in here. And no, it’s not because you left fly unzipped (although that could be contributing). The first two rounds of the NBA draft will be held tonight, 7pm ET/4pm PT on ESPN, at Madison Square Garden, NY. OJ Mayo’s final landing spot has been a constant source of speculation with sources projecting him to go somewhere between the Miami Heat at #2 overall to the Clippers at #7. The general consensus however, not to mention ESPN’s own mock draft, has Mayo going 3rd to the Minnesota Timberwolves. If Mayo goes at #3, he will be the highest Trojan to be selected in the NBA draft.

Davon Jefferson is another story.

Jefferson is generally thought as a second rounder, but will the NBA reward him for his early departure from the Trojans, or penalize him for his obvious inconsistencies? ESPN projected Jefferson to go to the Los Angeles Lakers with the 58th pick in the second round: “Jefferson has so much talent; he just doesn’t know how to use it. The Lakers can afford to spend some time with him and see if they can get his game up to snuff.” ESPN seemed to hit the nail on the head with their analysis of Jefferson, although I personally don’t see the Lakers picking him up. They don’t need another inconsistent forward in development with Walton & Radmonovic filling the small role and on-and-off-Odom & Turiaf in the power position. Then again, after watching the NBA championships… it’s clear the Lakers need something.

Either way, the big questions will be answered tonight and all we’ll be left with are the memories. Unless you’re the little Bruin kid in the video below. In that case you’ll be left with slight brain damage as well. Pay careful attention to the demeanor of the A$$HOLE UCLA Bruin (on the left) in the yellow shirt and baseball cap. Watch as he sits, nonchalant, with his arms folded as the little kid next door gets mowed down by Jefferson. Classic.

Fond memories, courtesy of Youtube



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