Trojan Temptress: Jennifer Mueller

Run Jenny Run.jpg
Run Jenny, Run! Images parodied from freerepublic and bustedcoverage

See Jennifer Mueller. See Jennifer Mueller run. She may only be 5-9, but Jennifer is all leg. A freshman sprinter from Jersey, Ms. Mueller has been whipping up quite an intense internet storm. Busted Coverage lists her as a team member of their 2008 Olympics Of Hot College Athletes. And National Lampoon Splog is abuzz with alleged facebook images of the Trojan temptress donning a sombrero and downing a beer-bong ala Matt Leinart (below).

Jenny Mueller bong.jpg


0 thoughts on “Trojan Temptress: Jennifer Mueller

  1. Okay, now where are you all of you schmucks that wax poetic about the beloved USC song girls? This girls is hot, hot, hot.

    She is a perfect specimen. Her photos should do wonders for the next couple of years of recruiting.

    Who cares about our perfect weather, when USC can recruit super hot blond, track stars from distant locales?

    Hopefully, this beauty will mate with one of our 5-star athletes so that we can start filling up the recruiting pipeline post-18 years from now.

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