DeRozan Passes the Test

Demar DeRozan is saying au revoir to Europe and hello to USC. DeRozan (Compton Dominguez High), one of the top basketball prospects to enter the NCAA in ’09, has received a qualifying ACT score and will play for the Trojans, according to There was some question as to whether DeRozan would be academically eligible to play at USC. Those questions have been answered after DeRozan improved his scores on the final possible exam for 2009 entrance.

“Yes, I am cleared,” DeRozan said in a text message.

DeRozan is the Trojans’ greatest hope for recouping from the losses left from OJ Mayo and the ill-conceived departure of Davon Jefferson. DeRozan is a multi-talented player, putting up sick numbers across the board: 30.6 points per game, 8.9 rebounds and 4 steals. He should provide Daniel Hackett and Dwight Lewis with a go-to shooter not afraid to move into the paint, and add a formidable defensive punch to complement the mighty Taj Gibson.


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