Victoria’s Secret – USC Pink

After watching this video it’s clear that Victoria’s Secret’s marketing department has NEVER been to an actual tailgate. Still, with the launch of their Pink Collegiate Line, it’s clear VS is giving it the good ol’ college try.

What’s sexier than a college girl in Victoria’s Secret attire? A college girl in USC themed Victoria’s Secret attire, of course. And that fantasy is about to come full circle, thanks to the Pink Collegiate Collection: comfy, flirty sweats, tees and lingerie themed for 33 different universities. The upside: USC is one of the universities offered in their collection. The downside: USC is the ONLY university who’s apparel cannot be viewed or purchased online (it’s only available in select stores). I know…I was upset about it too.

That is, I was upset until I found out about this free concert on July 17th, equipped with free amusement park rides, a USC/UCLA rivalry competition and free Victoria’s Secret Pink prizes and giveaways.

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Pink’s official back-to-school program kicks off July 17 with Pinkapalooza at the Santa Monica Pier. The company is expecting 15,000 people to turn out for the event, which will feature competitions between rivals USC and UCLA, as well as a concert by Fall Out Boy. Thursday, July 17, 2008. Doors open at 5 PM, Fall Out Boy to perform at 9PM.

And it’s all FREE. You heard it right. Fans get a free Fall Out Boy concert, first dibs on cute USC unspeakables, can participate in USC-UCLA rivalry games, plus Fashion Fling reports that: the first 3,000 people to come by with party passes will enjoy free rides and games all night long. Lots of fun prizes and cool VS PINK items from the new collection will be given away!

Get your VIP passes here.


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