Answer Friday!

Time to answer questions. By the way, a Fox Sports/Prime Ticket spokesperson would not address a question this week about the cancellation of the Trojan Rewind show. From time to time, we forget to mention little things like this but figured you would want to know.

Q: With regard to receivers, how do you rate them on your depth chart?

A: Barring injury, Vidal Hazelton and Patrick Turner should start in the coaches’ eyes. The No. 3 spot will be most intriguing initially because it could be Ronald Johnson, David Ausberry or Damian Williams. Each is different. Johnson will be the fastest receiver so there is always going to be some role for him. Ausberry’s size makes him attractive while Williams could be the best total package. And there’s no reason each of them could not become a starter.

Q: Do you know why Matt Barkley won’t be attending? Is there truth to the rumor he’ll be coaching?

A: I’ve seen conflicting information on whether he will be attending. I’m not sure why he wouldn’t. Of course, there’s always been a rivalry between his passing coach, Steve Clarkson, and the camp’s passing guru, Mission Viejo coach Bob Johnson. I’ll find out next week if there’s more to it.

Q: Are the USC Fly Girls selected under a different criteria than the Song Girls?

A: They are a completely different dance team and not under the direction of the IM-REC dept. or the selection process that governs the song girls. They do practice at Heritage Hall but that’s about the only similarity.

Q: Where do you see D.J. Shoemate fitting into the rotation this year, whether it be with the running backs or the wide receivers? Any chance he will be playing defense, perhaps corner? As always thanks for the blog!

A: There’s always a chance someone with his ability could play defense but initially he will be a wide receiver, ideally in a slot back role. He could easily line up at tailback and catch passes out of the backfield. When he first committed, that was considered to be his top role. But he’s versatile, so USC will probably try to move him around the field. The question is whether he is good enough to actually merit having that done. We will find out.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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