Live Scrimmage

We’re going to try to blog this. Aaron Corp is at QB to start things off. He scrambles for 14 yards on the first play.

Corp to Travon Patterson for 2 yards. Corp in the shotgun, throws for a yard to D.J. Shoemate under a strong rush.
Mitch Mustain is in with a new group. He rolls out and finds Patterson for 9 yards. Broderick Green carries for no gain on the next play. Mustain throws a little pass to Green, who runs 16 yards.
More Green on a rush, for no gain. Green again for a couple yards. Mustain gets sacked on the next play. Change of possession.
Corp finds Anthony McCoy over the middle for 8 yards. Allen Bradford loses 1 yard on a carry. On 3rd down, Gerald Washington blocks Corp’s pass. Next!
Actually, they are still going with Corp. Bradford gains 2 yards on a carry.
Corp escapes a sack and gains about 19 yards on a scramble. Joe McKnight jukes a couple times and gains 14 yards. Corp’s pass in deflected by Taylor Mays. McKnight then drops Corp’s pass to avert a potential good gain.
Corp calmly rolls out and finds Damian Willaims for 12 yards. Corp then fumbles the snap and Stafon Johnson picks up the ball, lose of five. Corp’s pass is deflected, looks like Wes Horton got it. On 3rd and 16, Corp’s pass is incomplete.
Time to catch a breath. Corp looks calm, his arm is not the strongest but he plays under control and can avoid the rush.
Mustain back in the game. Green loses a yard. Mustain throws to Adam Goodman, who can’t hold on to it. Mustain then throws incomplete to David Ausberry, who is well covered.
Garrett Green in at QB. B. Green carries for a loss of one. Green then throws to Blake Ayles, but for no gain and follows with an incomplete pass.
Mustain throws to Goodman for 9 yards. Bradford then loses a couple yards. Mustain throws behind Ronald Johnson, incomplete.
Corp back in and throws an incomplete pass. He then finds Travon Patterson open for about 17 yards. He throws a nice ball to Scott Stephens, who drops it, but pass intereference is called. Corp is sacked by Derek Simmons. Corp finds Patterson for 19 yards.
Corp scrambles for 10 yards. Corp fumbles another snap and this time the defense recovers.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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