Second Quarter

Aaron Corp throws 12-yard pass to Stanley Havili and then Allen Bradford gains 8 yards in two carries. Corp finds Anthony McCoy on third down but the play gains 0 yards.
Garrett Green back and he finds Brice Butler for 8 yards between a couple short runs. An incomplete pass and then a 7-yarder to D.J. Shoemate before the drive ends with a pass to Broderick Green that loses 2 yards.

Mitch Mustain in the game. Stafon Johnson loses 4 yards and then Mustain finds Vidal Hazelton for 15 yards. Mustain is then hit as he throws and the ball dies in the air but no one sees for the possible interception. Stafon Johnson then fumbles and Drew McAllister recovers. That’s the end of Mustain’s drive and back to the well-used Garrett Green.
Maybe to get Mustain some time, Johnson’s fumble is ruled a dead ball after a long delay.
Joe McKnight gains 11 yards. Mustain throws a 23-yard pass to Hazelton, who extends his arms and drops it. Mustain comes back and finds Anthony McCoy for 7 yards. Two false starts against the offense. It’s 3rd and 20 and Mustain hands off to McKnight, who gains 15. On fourth down, Mustain finds Hazelton for nine yards. Mustain to Hazelton again, for nine yards.
TOUCHDOWN: After a personal foul on the defense, McKnight runs it in from 6 yards. White team 14, Cardinal 7.
It’s halftime. Unofficially, we have Mustain 4-7 for 39 yards and Corp 3-4 for 14 yards. Green is 4-9 for 90 yards with a TD and INT.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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