The Joe McKnight Video

***EDITOR’S NOTE***To download this to your iPod (or iPhone) click this link Joe McKnight iPod Video. If you are having troubles downloading send us your email and we’ll give you a link to download from an email file sharing service. If you want the old John David Booty Video on your iPod that is now available from this page.

***EDITOR’S NOTE*** The fifth and final person to answer correctly to what Joe needs was Adam Rose. The correct answer was money. If you look closely at the first shot, Joe has “I need $” scrawled on his black eye strips.

John Phillips on Eric Clapton and Pete Townsend bird dogging the early Jimi Hendrix scene.

“The incredible thing was… you could watch him like a hawk but you could not figure out how he did it.”

After watching this over and over again, we can still not figure out Joe McKnight.

Bruce Feldman wrote in his book Meat Market:

“[It’s] as if he is on ice skates, with everyone else slogging around in overshoes. None of the defenders could get a hand on him.”

For the first five studious observers to email what Joe McKnight needs (HINT: It’s very literal), we are giving away tickets for FREE BRANDERS BBQ at the Coliseum on gameday against Ohio State.

Email your answers to after watching the video below.

Also available from these fine video outfits:

The Joe McKnight Video – YouTube
The Joe McKnight Video – Yahoo!
The Joe McKnight Video – MetaCafe
The Joe McKnight Video – Google
The Joe McKnight Video – AOL
The Joe McKnight Video – Daily Motion
The Joe McKnight Video – Blip

Title graphic photo shot by Chris McGuire.

Music from the video can be bought from Amazon. We feel compelled to tell you that you should not buy music from iTunes because of DRM. It will screw you. The song “Hey Joe” and the album Are You Experienced by Jimi Hendrix. The song “Can You Get To That” and the album Maggot Brain by Funkadelic.

Kyle Bunch

Managing Director, Social at R/GA. Co-founder of Blogs with Balls and future owner of the MLB's Austin Bats.

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