PAC 10: Bite Me, SEC

Okay…here goes. I’m going to divulge something I wouldn’t ordinarily EVER admit: I was watching last night’s UCLA-Tennessee game and I was rooting for…the Bruins. I know. There’s a little vomit in my mouth too. But if there’s one thing I loathe equally as much as those powder blue uniforms, it’s those enormous heads and cocky trash talking coming from the SUC…err…i mean SEC.

So here we go again. The 2007 SEC conference title contender comes over to our side of the country and blows the opener for the second year in a row against a mediocre Pac-10 team. Forgetting UCLA had a third string quarterback who threw four interceptions, what’s the excuse now, SEC? Alright…some SEC fans are sitting at their computers with blood-shot eyes, outraged, thinking ‘well we have three BCS championships right now, while you only have one.’ And LSU fans seem to have selective amnesia forgetting that it was a SPLIT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

But even National Champion/BCS controversy aside, the PAC-10 has been beating the SEC consistently in head-to-head matches since the turn of the millennium. And I don’t care how you try to spin the numbers, the SEC has been on the losing end of the head-to-head conference battles since 2000.


Stormin’ Ormin, a blogger for foxsports, has done the homework and compiled a list of every head-to-head Pac-10/SEC matchup since 2000. The list is displayed below.

2000 Alabama 24, UCLA 35 {PAC10}

2001 UCLA 20, Alabama 17 {PAC10}

2002 Auburn 17, USC 24 {PAC10} Mississippi State 13, Oregon 36 {PAC102003 USC 23, Auburn 0 {PAC10} LSU 59, Arizona 13 {SEC} Oregon 42, Mississippi State 34 {PAC10}

2004 Oregon State 21, LSU 22 {SEC}

2005 Arkansas 17, USC 70 {PAC10} LSU 35, Arizona State 31 {SEC}

2006 USC 50, Arkansas 14 {PAC10} Washington State 14, Auburn 40 {SEC} Arizona 3, LSU 45 {SEC} California 18, Tennessee 35 {SEC}

2007 Tennessee 31, California 45 {PAC10}

*2008 UCLA 27, Tennessee 24 {PAC10}

The Pac-10 ends up with a *10-6 record against the SEC. So much for the speed and athleticism of the SEC catching up with them. The most alarming part is that if we take the two powerhouses, USC and LSU, out of the equation, the Pac-10 is *6-2 against the SEC.

Take out USC and LSU from the record and you can see that the other PAC-10 teams have been beating up on SEC teams consistently. So SEC, you can go on and claim that you have a better overall record historically against Pac-10 teams. That’s true, but not in the last eight years. Not NOW. So do yourselves a favor. I know, it’s hard. But why don’t you shut your gloating mouths, just for a second, and maybe try winning for a change.

NEXT Pac-10/SEC matchup? The (previously #1) Georgia Bulldogs visit the ASU Sun Devils on September 20th.

*All these numbers had been pre-2008, so I updated the info based on UCLA’s labor day win over Tennessee. To see Stormin’ Orman’s original post, follow this link.


15 thoughts on “PAC 10: Bite Me, SEC

  1. Me and my family are from California. But we moved to Tennessee because my dad got a job. And being the only USC fan down here. It sucks. All I hear about is all the titles they’ve won. They hate on USC. The Alabma fans talk about they’re awsome future. I just ask If they have someone who beat out all they’re freshman to win The Gatorade player of the year a.k.a. Matt Barklay :). No matter how hard they try.. they Can’t overcome the fact that they’re the real cry babies. They say,” well we have arian foster!”. So I just say,” Really? We have Allen Bradford,Stafon Johnson,Marc Tyler, Joe McKnight, And C.J. Gable…oh yeah.. they all scored last week” I felt bad about it..But I went crazy whenevr UCLA winning. All my friends got told over and over “How’d you like that good PAC-10 butt-whoopin last night?”. I couldnt count all the excuses… So I’m pretty much saying.. Screw the SEC

    1. You do realize that the all time Pac 10 vs. SEC ratios is something like 59-35 in favor of the SEC right? When the ratio tips in the other direction, then talk crap. Until then, try as you might, you don’t have an argument good enough

  2. ——–The Pac-10 ends up with a 10-6 record against the SEC. So much for the speed and athleticism of the SEC catching up with them. The most alarming part is that if we take the two powerhouses, USC and LSU, out of the equation, the Pac-10 is 6-2 against the SEC.——–

    I’ll do you one better. I did that same analysis after the 2007 season, and something that occurred to me while looking at those 16 games. I wondered if maybe the results were skewed by power teams beating up on teams having a down year. So for each win that either conference got, I compared the W/L records of the team they beat that year, as a kind of barometer to see what kind of a quality win it was. For example, Oregon did not acquit themselves well in 2 wins (home-and-home) vs. a very down Miss. St. in ’02-’03, who finished 3-9 and 2-10 those years. Not very impressive.

    But if you look at the averages for each conference, you’ll find that they’re almost identical: teams that the PAC-10 beat were .517 in those years in which they played, while teams that the SEC beat were .521 – a difference that’s statistically insignificant. So each conference was able to win against similar competition, it’s just that the PAC-10 was able to win more often.

    I was still curious, so I broke each team down for its win(s) and the records of its victim(s). Unsurprisingly, Tennessee and Cal boasted wins against the best two opponents’ win percentages (.769 and .714), having played and beaten each other when the loser each year went on to win 10 games. After that? USC (natch) at .608, having beaten Auburn and Arkansas twice each during relatively good years for those two. As mentioned above, Oregon was last at .208, but LSU was next at .458 (the weakest of the SEC teams with wins in the matchups), having won against some mediocre 7-5 and 6-6 teams and blowing out a 2-10 AZ squad in ’03.

    Bottom line? PAC-10 > SEC and USC > LSU. Period.

  3. i am in the same boat as the guy that lives in tennessee. born in la and moved out here in jacksonville, fl. UGA and UF fans are everywhere and they wont shut up about the SEC. it hurts me as much as any other USC fans but seeing a SEC team goes down is almost as satisifying as UCLA goin down. Fight On!

  4. I think it’s hilarious YOU brought up the split national championship. I seem to recall USC’s attempt at a “3-peat” a couple years back. Where was the split talk then?

  5. well, i found myself being a true trojan , my favorite team are the Trojans and anyone whipp’n fucla,, but since they’re trying to force feed us that rubbish about the sec “I” found my self puking too! i’m a pac 10 guy, if the media wants to paint a target on the sec, go for boys! the big 10 & acc keep tripp’n on joe grass! i guess there’s really only 3 confrences that are the real deal!

  6. someone please post this on the page regarding rankings. The SEC homers are so unbearable their that I just refuse to blog anymore. Specifically, I have noticed htat they took down all Trojan related articles – even the game result from Virginia – and writer Hayes has downgraded the Virgie win as no better than the FCS losses! Sic ’em

  7. HISTORY – USC leads Ohio State in the all-time series 11-9-1. From 1975 forward, the Trojans have won all five matches against the Buckeyes, including three Rose Bowl victories, one home game and one away. the first time the two teams met was October 9th, 1937, and yes, the Trojans won that too, 13-12.

  8. I am & get so tired of all the talk about how good the SEC/ Big Ten is! I live in Minnesucka,I mean Minnesota, but am a true Trojan fan! I feel I’m about the only fan in Minnesota proudly wearing my USC hat! Anyways, back to the SEC/Big Ten. OSU lost to Ill. We whooped Ill,so what does that tell you?Let’s see, Tennessee lost, South Carolina lost, & hope Florida loses (i hate the gators & their stupid fans doing the swmap clamp)It’s like they’re playing Pac Man, morons. All I know is USC is destined to be the team to beat, & make it, plus win the NC in January! Also, SEC really stands for South Eastern Criminals! All you SEC just learn to shut up, & start winning, like the previous post stated. Want more? LSU-Loserville State University, Ohio State- OBYEO State, get it? Ashame OSU fans have to call & refer themselves as “The Ohio State Buckeyes” Can’t say that about USC. One more, Suckeyes, BCS- Buckeyes Can’t Score!! All done, any responses? 🙂

  9. man im from orange county born and raised until 6 years ago i moved to alabama and all i hear is how the sec is the best yahh well the pac 10 has its ups and down mostly ups i m glad to be a trojan fan realy fight fucking on ” v “

  10. man im from orange county born and raised until 6 years ago i moved to alabama and all i hear is how the sec is the best yahh well the pac 10 has its ups and down mostly ups i m glad to be a trojan fan realy fight fucking on ” v “

  11. The Pac-10 is a strong conference, and USC is a truly elite team, but this stat is pretty meaningless, unless you want to really drive home the fact that USC is elite (and that Tennessee sucks enough lately to have to hire Lane Kiffin).

    Another way to look at this is that the only wins the Pac-10 has since 2002 are either USC wins or Tennessee losses. That confirms that USC is elite and that Tennessee sucks.

    And, while your willingness to take the “two” powerhouses out of the equation is nice, the SEC really has more than one powerhouse. Florida, LSU, Tennessee Auburn and Alabama have all won the title or been in the top 10 BSC standings the last few years.

  12. I went to UGA and now I’m living in LA. I don’t deny that the PAC-10 is a strong conference, but I agree with the last commenter: This stat doesn’t prove that the PAC-10 is a stronger conference.

    If we look at BCS bowl games since the start of the BCS(’98), here’s what we get:

    All bowl appearances:
    SEC 12-5 (.710)
    PAC-10 (.692)

    If you take out the top BCS bowl winner from each conference (USC:6-1, LSU:4-0) the records go to
    8-5 for the SEC and just 3-3 for the PAC-10.

    Then when you look at BCS championship games, the records look like this:

    SEC: 5-0 (LSU:2-0; UF 2-0; Tenn: 1-0)
    PAC-10: 2-1 (USC), (though the ’03 game wasn’t actually the BCS championship game, I’ll count in since they shared in the title of BCS champion.

    The takeaway:
    USC is elite, the rest of the PAC-10 is solid.
    SEC has had more great teams, and been consistently deeper.

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