Bucks a “Level Below the Best”

Jim Tressel announced today that previously injured Ohio State star running back “Beanie” Wells ran well in practice and will be available to play in Saturday’s game against the Trojans. I say it’s a good thing Beanie’s back. With healthy rosters on both sides there can be NO EXCUSES for the outcome. Still, FOX Toledo Hardcore Sports Director Brad Fanning thinks the Bucks are a “level below the best.” Watch Fanning [above] as he gives a little confidence boosting message to the Ohio State nut-jobs:

“I’m not so sure [Ohio State] deserves a top 15 ranking…[Ohio State’s] Scottie Pippen, not Michael Jordan. They’re Phil Mickelson while Floridia, LSU and USC are the Tiger Woods of football right now.”

But talk is just talk is just talk…and if you’re like me you’re just counting down the minutes until Saturday, when the talk finally ends and THE BATTLE OF 2008 finally begins.


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