USC by the Numbers

The USC Athletic Department generated $76.4 million for the 2007-08 academic year.

Compared to other regional universities like UCI ($12.1 million) or Cal State Fullerton ($9.2 million) or UCLA ($0.0 million because they were unable to report due to “computer problems”) it is quite the sum. But this probably does not even crack the top 10 (Ohio State regularly pulls in over $100 million).

Of $76.4 million, $28.6 million is attributed to USC football, but there is $39 million of unallocated revenue that comes from general donations to the athletic department. Judging by the amount of revenue directly attributable to USC football, let’s assume USC football is responsible for 77% of those general donations, bringing USC football revenue more in the neighborhood of $58.5 million.

Pete Carroll is paid $4.1 million (roughly 7% of our total revenue estimate). Pretty solvent, especially compared to the Title IX disaster that is USC Women’s Soccer. No offense to Amy Rodriguez, but they spent $1.2 million on $26,604 (46.8 times their revenue).

Football is big breadwinner for USC athletics [All Things Trojan]
USC generates $76.4 million in revenue [OC Register]

Kyle Bunch

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