Know Your Song Girls: Tianna

TrojanWire is proud to present Know Your Song Girls — a salute to the women who, since 1968, have made up the greatest cheerleading squad in the history of collegiate athletics. A group that’s been called a “national treasure” and “God’s gift to the sidelines” — the world-famous USC Song Girls.

Photo Credit: Paul Goldberg, USC Song Girls official site

According to her official Song Girl profile, Tianna is a second year Song Girl from Newport Harbor High School (the Sailors) in Newport Beach, CA. She’s a junior majoring in business administration who wants “to be an innovative entrepreneur and start my own business.” But there’s more to Tianna than just her studies and career ambition.

Photo Credit: Timothy of Murrieta/USCFOOTBALLFAN.COM

If you’ve watched Tianna’s work on the sidelines during Trojan TV coverage, you no doubt understand her many gifts in the ancient art of cheer. But to really understand Tianna’s magic you really have to see it from the stadium. Smell of popcorn and stale beer soda in the air, that fat guy’s knees behind you digging into your back, Tianna’s effervescence cuts through the noise like like a phosphorescent Lunesta butterfly coming thru the window bearing gifts of bountiful sweet dreams.

The smile, the school spirit, the kicks. Anyone who’s seen it will tell you, it all comes together to form a symphony worthy of the Gods.

Photo Credit: Timothy of Murrieta/USCFOOTBALLFAN.COM

Tianna attended Newport Harbor High School with another Pac-10 scholar/athlete, pole vaulter and internet phenomenon Allison Stokke, which means there is a distinct probability that Tianna and Allison shared time on the practice field at Newport Harbor High — a thought so splendiferous it defies words.

Photo Credits: Allison: Unknown Internet Lore; Tianna: Timothy of Murrieta/USCFOOTBALLFAN.COM

At a time when their counterparts just a few miles to the south in Laguna Beach were making vapidity and apathy chic, Tianna and Allison — with character forged in the ironworks that is life as a Newport Harbor Sailor — shone brightly as a beacon of hope for all Orange County to behold.

TrojanWire salutes Tianna, our favorite glowing butterfly.

Photo Credit: Timothy of Murrieta/USCFOOTBALLFAN.COM

Check back next week for another installment of Know Your Song Girls. Only on TrojanWire.

Tianna [USC Song Girls official site]

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

7 thoughts on “Know Your Song Girls: Tianna

  1. I’m sure she’s nice and tight, but her face is average and UCLA’s, Oregon’s, and ASU’s girls are still so much hotter the song girls need to step it up.

  2. Great smiles:
    Both appear more than acceptable, and must be proficient in order to make their respective team.
    Wonder if they are surfers?

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