Answer Monday! (Song Girl Forum)

And we’re off on the forums, which are separate but equal. But will today’s Song Girl Forum have the football office buzzing like last Monday?

Q: Word is the reason so few Song Girls from the 2000s showed up at the recent reunion was due to lingering issues many of them have with the coach and advisor of the squad, which is also the reason for the very high turnover of squad members this decade, with most only serving one or two years as opposed to the past when girls were on the squad from their freshman through to their senior years. Have you heard anything similar to this?

A: Interesting theory. I didn’t hear that but thankfully I saw two members of the 1980’s glory days — Tricia Pillsbury and Wanda Wen — which made things worthwhile.

Q: Once again, Sports Illustrated has covered your weekly picture with the cheerleaders. You’re onto a great thing here, Scott. It’s national!

A: At least USC will start one trend this year!

Q: When Celeste Fremon appeared at the Song Girl reunion, did the women in charge of the Song Girls get nervous and attempt to hide from her?

A: You could feel the tension on campus and then at the Coliseum at the mere thought of another expose on the Song Girls following that original masterpiece.

Q: Let’s be honest here, whenever you write about the USC football team, those stories only have a limited and regional reach. But with each scandal involving Song Girlgate, various other media outlets throughout the country pick them up and they become national stories. Does this not prove Song Girlgate has tapped into the national zeitgeist?

A: I agree completely. This blog (and its readers) were on to this well before the scandals and photos broke on the Internet. What amazes me is that none of the song girl administrators (or selection committee members) contacted the web sites that continually publish these photos. But of course they attacked us, because we’re an easy target. But we didn’t give in to censoring reader comments.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

One thought on “Answer Monday! (Song Girl Forum)

  1. Hey there…I found the forum from a suggestion by dreamwalker over on another blog. I had asked him if he knew of some tuts I could look at for Blender and he
    pointed me this way.I’ve been lookin around and some of the thread are old? So then I thought I would avoid the guest play and becoming a member instead.
    I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself by asking silly questions or posting something stupid but I will contribute as much as I can.
    You folks are awesome..

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