NFL: A Big Day for Mr. T

A former Trojan added a couple notches to his highlight reel in Sunday’s win over the Arizona Cardinals. Who is it? I’ll give you a hint: He plays for the Giants. And no, it’s not Steve Smith (although he did have some more clutch grabs, including a 30-yd catch to the 2 yard-line). Former USC cornerback and second round pick, rookie Terrell Thomas had his biggest day of his pro-career so far, in the Giants 37-29 win over the Cardinals. But first some commentary from New Era Scouting, posted last Friday:

The Giants have started to bring in Thomas…and the results have been mixed. Thomas has looked uncomfortable playing the nickel back inside, and he has been beaten regularly…Look for Arizona to move Anquan Boldin in motion on passing downs to try and get him matched up with Thomas. Boldin is very comfortable playing in the slot and is quick enough to beat Thomas.

Apparently that crystal ball hadn’t been cleaned in a while.

Thomas led the Super Bowl winning defense with 8 tackles, 6 of them solo. And if there are any doubters left out there, Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner isn’t one of them. Fourth quarter: After a quick 3-yard pass to Boldin, Terrell Thomas picked off Warner in the game’s only interception, to help seal the Giants’ victory. Thomas had this to say of the game sealing pick on

“They ran the same play earlier. I kind of jumped the route and didn’t play it right,” Thomas said. “I saw it this time, recognized it and made a play.”



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