Keith Rivers Gets Unwired

Tuesday is the day — the day that former Trojan and current Bengal Keith Rivers finally gets the wires off his broken jaw and gets to return to solid foods. From his blog over at Yardbarker:

Wanted to give an update – I get the wires off Tuesday so I’ll be able to eat again. It’s been too long. I’ve lost 20 pounds but I should be able to put that back on pretty easy. At least I hope so. I am anxious to find out what I can’t eat. I know it will be soft stuff to start so I’ll be looking for some mac and cheese, some fish, stuff like that. I used to go to sleep and have dreams about food. I get so tired during the days, I’d be watching TV and some food commercial would come on and I’d start to dose and immediately start dreaming about the food in the commercial.

All we can say is, Hines Ward better retire after this season — otherwise next year’s first Bengals-Steelers matchup could bring a world of hurt for the Steelers’ aging receiver.

The wires come off Tuesday!! [Yardbarker]

Kyle Bunch

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