Big Balls, Big Color


The Rose Bowl is USC’s home away from home. Or at least that’s what the uniforms will tell you come Saturday. As we reported last year, there has been consistent support for USC to wear their cardinal home jerseys against UCLA, rather than the NCAA sanctioned white jerseys that away-teams typically don. But the NCAA held fast to the rule, and the color clash had never come to fruition. Until now.

Pete Carroll has found a way around the problem: ignore it. Carroll will take a two timeout penalty, one from each half, so his Trojans can wear their home uniforms at the Rose Bowl this Saturday. Why would Carroll take such wanton risk for this game with the BCS Rose Bowl on the line? If you’re still wondering, re-read the title of the article. It may be a brazen move, it may be a cocky move, but it’s definitely a ballsy move. Big Ballsy. There’s no reason for USC to get complacent now, we all remembered what happened two years ago. Start the team with a disadvantage, give them something to fight for and they will fight.

Fight and Fight On!


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