2009 Rose Bowl DVD Giveaway


It is a scientific fact that hot women think that there is nothing sexier than solving riddles.

Oedipus killed the Sphinx by solving his riddle and was rewarded with fine trim for decades. Samson outwitted the Philistines with his riddle skills and scored Delilah. Even Indiana Jones solved riddles in The Last Crusade and if the hot German chick wouldn’t have fallen down that gorge trying to recover the Holy Grail, she would have totally done him.

Now nation of TrojanWire it is your turn. Answer the below riddle and win a 2009 Rose Bowl DVD and maybe even the love of some fine ladies (or men TrojanWire lady readers).

Birds despise me, weights and measurements describe me. I met mimes in Quebec and shooting stars in Texas. I am not Mr. Perfect but have been once. Who am I?

Email your answers to scoop@trojanwire.com. The first three to answer correctly get a free 2009 Rose Bowl DVD.


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