March Madness Preview

(John Cordes/Icon SMI)

If you are not in a March Madness Bracket Contest, you are not a true sports fan, Rick Neuheisel excluded (fucla). The greatest sporting event ever is upon us. Honestly, is there anything better than a buzzer beater?

Here are some notable first round match-ups:

USC (10) plays Boston College (7) on Friday at 4:20 p.m. Congratulations to the team and coach Floyd for winning the Pac-10 tournament and making it to March Madness. Three straight 20 plus win seasons and three straight Tournament appearances is spectacular. Fight On!

CSU Northridege (15) and their 8% graduate rate (the worst rate of all tournament teams) play last years runner-up Memphis (2).

Missouri (3) plays “Yes CORNELL Really Has a Basketball Team (14).” Cornell beat Hillman College to reach the tournament.

More awesome analysis after the jump…

The best name for a University in the world, Morehead St. (16), plays top seeded Louisville (1) and Rick Pitino’s sweet white suit.


26 year old senior, Gary Wilkinson and the Utah State Aggies (11) play the Marquette Warriors errr Golden Eagles (6).

Fargo’s North Dakota State (14) will try to be the tournament Cinderella by beating last years champion Kansas (3).


The coolest named player of the tournament, Johnny Flynn, and the Syracuse Orange Men play Newbery Award winning author Stephen F. Austin (14).

Michael Jordan’s son Jeff and the Illinois Fighting Illini (5) play Western Kentucky (12).

(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

FUCLA’s (6) Darren Collison and Alfred Aboya will try to reach their fourth straight Final Four (barf) but first must get by VCU (11).

The son of Lloyd Christmas, Dionte, and the Temple Owls (11) play James Harden’s ASU Sun Devils (6).

(Picture via the luckiest person on earth)

The Duke, we are still the most hated team in the tournament, Blue Devils (2) play Binghamton State (15).

“AMERICAN F*ck Yeah University” (14) plays the Villanova Wild Cats (3)…roar!


“Tubby Smith really coaches MINNESOTA (10)” plays the Texas Longhorns (7). Did you know Vince Young scored 6 out of a possible 50 on the Wonderlic test?

The Fab Five less Michigan Wolverines (10) play Clemson (7). Welcome back to basketball relevance Michigan.

(AP Photo 1991)

BYU (8) plays Texas A & M (9) for the second straight year in the first round of the tournament. Koinky Dink? I think not…

Other notable Pac-10 games are Washington (4) vs. Mississippi State (13), Cal (7) vs. Maryland (10) and Arizona (12) vs Utah (5).

Final Analysis:

Even though President Obama dissed the Pac-10 on Sports Center saying,

“the Pac-10 has been looking pretty weak this year”

TrojanWire is predicting a strong showing. Look for all Pac-10 schools to win their first round match-ups. Yes We Can!


0 thoughts on “March Madness Preview

  1. I’m curious as to what college you graduated from…Obviously you didn’t learn which form of there/their to use during English 101.

    Stop the CSUN hate.

  2. Kim, Only English teachers and assholes correct grammar. I doubt you are an English teacher if you went to CSU Northridge.

  3. A question I’ve had for some time is whether all of the English teachers that teach grammar are assholes. Any thoughts? Should THERE be international rules of engagement relating to when grammar interventions are appropriate?

    Methinks that the CSUN alumnus doth have a point!! If you are hating on CSUN, then perchance a rule ought to be that you get your damn grammar straight. If you hate, then you’ve drawn first blood, and all of your dunderheaded solecisms are fair game.

  4. Asshole alert!

    Kim, learn not to end sentences with prepositions and then you may lord it over everyone else here. Although I’m sure you were so blind with rage over the their/there issue, you really meant to type “I’m curious as to the college from which you graduated.” Even assholier of me, your 2nd sentence should read: “Obviously, you didn’t learn in English 101 which form of there/their to use.”

    As for you, De Trokan, assuming Kim is female, you muffed your point when you didn’t refer to her as a CSUN alumna, although you get points for “solecism”.

    SuperNintendo Chalmers

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