Reggie Bush is a ‘player’

Remember a couple of years back, when the media made a big to-do about Bill Parcells referring to Terrell Owens as “the player”?

Well, meet the latest version of “the player” – Reggie Bush.

Not coincidentally, the man who referred to the former USC Heisman Trophy winner that way is a Parcells disciple – New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton.

He did it twice while talking about Bush earlier this week at the NFL owners meeting in Dana Point. I don’t think Payton meant anything negative by it, as both references came in a complimentary context.

No. 1: “I’m excited about the player in that the first 4-5 weeks last year, he was outstanding, prior to his injury at Carolina. He’s got a grasp as to what we’re doing. One of his best characteristics is his competitiveness, his will to win. The key will be keeping him healthy, having that proper balance in touches.”

No. 2: “For almost the first six weeks of the season he was leading the league in scoring. I liked this player a lot.”

So it all seems well and good – as long as Kim Kardashian doesn’t hear about her boyfriend’s player status out of context.

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Kyle Bunch

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