2009 USC Starting QB Battle

(Image from USCFootball.com)

USCFootball.com has devised a rating system to determine who will be USC’s next starting QB, but until the Numerati get to quantifying the data and advancing their algorithm, we can rely on these four points from John Skinner’s “The Skinny on SC Sports” as a barometer and road map for likely outcomes and decisions.

The QB Race: After two workouts and reading what the coaches are saying, Aaron Corp seems to have pulled ahead in the QB race. However, the majority of spring practice remains and Pete Carroll is known to manipulate the media and throw a few curveballs out to the public that don’t mimic reality inside the coaches office. According to OC Bates, he would like to have the starter announced by the end of spring practice.

QB Race Part II: The staff is impressed with how well Matt Barkley has done despite just stepping off a high school field. His ability to make plays has raised eyebrows but with that comes quite a few mistakes. I believe this will ultimately eliminate him from the starting QB race this season allowing him to work on it throughout a redshirt year. Once he calms down and makes the proper reads he will be the best QB in the program.

QB Race Part III: The jack of all trades QB Garrett Green was the first casulty of the QB battle. He was working out with WR’s in the second spring practice. Garrett is a very heady player and would do just fine as SC’s quarterback. He would not make the big plays with his arm but would run the offense very efficiently. The crazy thing is that Green could probably start at 6 or 7 Pac-10 schools… wow, that is SC’s 4th string QB… talk about an abundance of talent.

QB Race Part IV: Even if Corp performs better than Mustain, I could still see Mustain being named the starter. As long as he continues to improve on not turning the ball over, his experience of playing in the SEC and his ability to connect with SC’s #1 receiver Damian Williams could win over the coaches. His experience level could mean a lot heading into Columbus, Ohio…

[Thanks John!]

Kyle Bunch

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