LenDale is Slimming Down


TrojanWire loves LenDale White. He never ceases to amaze us on and off the field. Whether he is on the Jim Rome show saying Ohio State sucks, wearing amazing bling (see above) or winning National Championships for USC, in our eyes LenDale can do no wrong. So we are happy to here that LenDale showed up to his off-season workout program 20 pounds lighter than the previous season.

LenDale’s agent Christopher Brantley says:

“Everybody in that final year gears up to put their best foot forward, but whether it’s a contract year or not, he’s been getting a lot of flack about his weight and his work ethic, and he just wants to set the record straight on all that,” Brantley said. “He wants to show that he’s a solid professional and a good back in the NFL, and when he’s been given the opportunity, he produces.”

Last year White rushed for 773 yards on 200 carries, and scored 15 touchdowns.

The only possible downside to LenDale’s weight reduction may be the distraction of women constantly propositioning him. Ladies Love LenDale.

LenDale’s agent says ’09 is shaping up to be a big year for Titans’ rusher [The City Paper]


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