Charles White’s Heisman Draws No Bids

The 1979 Heisman Trophy that was awarded to USC’s Charles White was posted on eBay last week, but with a starting price of $299,999.99, the item drew no bids. This despite a shipping cost of only $5.

White sold the trophy in 2000 to settle tax debts and it has changed hands several times since. It was recently acquired at auction for $216,000 by Arkansas collector John Rogers, who says he wants to get the trophy back in White’s hands — for a price, of course.

“It pains me to think anyone would be forced to sell something so special,” he said.

Few Heismans have been put on the market. According to the eBay post, O.J. Simpson’s 1968 trophy was sold in February 1999 for $230,000. Yale end Larry Kelley sold his 1936 Heisman in December 1999 for $328,110. The 1941 trophy won by Minnesota halfback Bruce Smith fetched $395,240, and Paul Hornung sold his 1956 Heisman for $250,000 to endow scholarships for Notre Dame students from his hometown of Louisville.

But after White sold his trophy in 2000, the Downtown Athletic Club required that recipients sign an agreement not to sell the award.
Charles White
Thanks to M Victors.

Kyle Bunch

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