Mark Sanchez Drafted 5th to NY Jets!

Breaking News: #6 was taken at number five, as the Jets traded with Cleveland, up from 17th to 5th to grab Mark Sanchez! The Jets were eager to fill the hole left by Brett Favre. Sanchez will join a young team of quarterbacks in Ainge (2nd yr – Tennessee) and Clemens (4th yr – Oregon) all vying for the starting spot. The fact they traded up so far to get Sanchez shows they don’t have much confidence in the guys they already have, giving credence to the notion that Sanchez may start his rookie season.

As reported on NFL fanhouse, in return for the 5th pick the Browns got the Jets’ first- and second-round picks in this year’s draft, plus three players off the Jets’ roster — defensive end Kenyon Coleman, quarterback Brett Ratliff and defensive back Abram Elam.



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