Renardo Sidney Has Baggage? No, Really?



UCLA and USC officials were prohibited by college rules from speaking publicly about Sidney while he was unsigned, and even now they have declined to do so. But sources on both campuses who have knowledge of his recruitment agreed to speak with The Times as long as their identities were kept anonymous.

Though they are from rival schools who often wage intense battles for the same athletes, the sources agreed on this about Sidney: The reward of suiting up such a prodigious talent was not worth the larger risk.

Bruins and Trojans sources both say they were wary of potentially intense NCAA scrutiny prompted by these issues: Despite what was perceived as a limited income, the family moved multiple times and resided in upscale homes during Sidney's high school years; and stepfather Renardo Sr. directed a club basketball team with financial backing that was unclear beyond a relatively modest shoe company sponsorship.

Plus there was this: A source intimately familiar with Sidney's recruitment said a university official thought the stepfather had strongly hinted that he expected to be compensated if his son signed with the school.

The part in bold was one of several things I was referring to in my previous post. From what I've heard it was anything but a "strong hint"; more like an expectation with a hefty dollar figure attached.  The figure wasn't close to shy.

Something that won't be brought up in this whole ordeal is the reality that Tim Floyd would have most likely taken Renardo, baggage and all, if it was purely up to him.  This is why I mentioned before, when Floyd "considered" going to Arizona, that it would have been a win-win situation for SC to let him go before the hammer of the NCAA came down.  Get out while you're ahead.

Just like most SC fans got too hyped when Renardo committed while ignoring the consequences, I think lot of fans are being blinded by the recent success and failing to see the tight-rope Coach Floyd has us walking on. Much like his coaching style, he's gambling on players with our program's reputation on the line.  It's not worth the risk.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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