Cal’s Allison Stokke Nominated for Spike TV’s Sexiest Athlete

The classiest channel in the world, SPIKE TV, nominated CAL pole vaulter and internet sensation Allison Stokke as Sexiest Athlete for the “Guys Choice Awards.” You can vote for her here. She is competing against Biba Golic, a ping pong player. I am not making this up.

AS1.jpgUnfortunately ping pong legends Zoran Primorac, Jan-Ove Waldner, Wang Tao, Jorg Rosskopf and of course Ashraf Helmy were not nominated. Hugo Hoyama and Andrzej Grubba were nominated but withdrew because they are men.

Other categories include Biggest Ass Kicker, Most Dangerous Man, Sickest Rhymes, Ballsiest Band, Hot N’ Fresh (not sure what that is), Deadliest Warrior, Best Bush (really not sure what that is) and Outstanding Literary Achievement (not joking, it is really a category). I predict Steven Seagal wins them all.

al stoke.jpg

More pictures of Allison Stokke after the jump….

Spike Guys Choice Sexiest Athlete []






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