Erin Andrews at 2009 ESPYS

erinandrewsat 2009 espys.jpg

Erin Andrews was looking nice at the ESPYS last night. This dress is quite popular. “Rollergirl” Heather Graham was seen wearing the dress at The Hangover premiere and Laguna BeachThe Hills actress Kristin Cavallari also wore it to some event.

So who wore it best? Pictures after the jump…

Erin Andrews at the ESPYS []

dress and 123.jpg


0 thoughts on “Erin Andrews at 2009 ESPYS

  1. My nod goes to Heather Graham. Erin Andrews is cute, but she’s not sexy enough to pull off a dress like that.

  2. And we’re supposed to take Erin A. seriously while she continues to provoke this kind of attention? Remember Erin, it’s not about you–you’re supposed to be a reporter, not the story itself.

  3. kristen looks cute and sexy in the dress but more cute.

    erin looks just straight up sexy.

    heather looks ugly…

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