ESPN’s Erin Andrews Secretly Taped While Changing

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A perv secretly taped former University of Florida cheerleader and ESPN sportscaster Erin Andrews while she was changing to the delight of pervs everywhere. The grainy clip was taken through a peephole in a hotel room where Andrews was staying, and later posted to the internet in an attempt to sell the video. One person not so happy about the peeping tom is Andrews herself. According to who ran the story, such voyeuristic taping can be a felony in Florida.


0 thoughts on “ESPN’s Erin Andrews Secretly Taped While Changing

  1. That or those asshat pervs should be castrated. Anyone who ignores the privacy of someone else, commits a crime, and attempts to profit off of it- is a 3-striker in my book.

    For what it’s worth though, what is it with Erin Andrews that people see? I think she’s quite fugly, and so what that she has a compulsion to wear snug-fitting women’s business pants and has a 6-point rack? She looks a lot like the 12th “most attractive” girl in my senior high school class. (who wouldn’t even register on anyone’s campus as a university freshman)

    In short, she’s a duck!

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