Is LenDale White Too Slim?

No, it’s not opposite day. You haven’t entered some weird twilight zone. LenDale White, that lovable, huggable rapscallion has far less to hold onto these days. Over 30 pounds less. White’s weight has been a point of contention since he entered the NFL in 2006. Now, coming into his last contract season with the Titans and Chris Johnson and Michigan State’s Javon Ringer on his heels, White hopes to turn weight loss into yardage and touchdowns into dollar signs with a fatty renewed contract in 2010.

But some, including former player and current Titans running back coach Earnest Byner, wonder if White’s withering waistband will take some of the “smash” out of his step. Byner made the comments to Gregg Rosenthal of NBC’s Pro Football Talk.

“I lost too much weight and people were able to topple me and knock me over a little too easy. I think those are things [White] needs to be aware of and make sure his strength is still good.”

Either way, the plump never seemed to slow down White’s productivity. Last year Lendale ranked 3rd in the NFL in touchdowns with 15, and second in the league for longest rushing touchdown with an 80 yarder against the Chiefs.


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