Horton Hears a Who..? Broderick Green Cleared for ’09

Former Trojan Broderick Green didn’t think he was getting enough turf time with the stable of USC’s running backs, so he decided to transfer back home to the Arkansas Razorbacks. Now, after waiting all summer for a NCAA ruling on his eligibility, he received the ruling he was hoping for. Green was cleared for immediate play in 2009. Suddenly the invisible man that rushed for 168 yards on 32 carries with three touchdowns last season, finally has a chance to shine in the Arkansas spotlight.

Or does he?

According to Arkansas running back’s coach Tim Horton, as quoted on ArkansasBusiness.com, Horton suddenly has more backs than he knows what to do with:

“The cream will always rise to the top. The ones that produce are the ones that will play.”

Dennis Johnson and De’Anthony Curtis will be sophomores, while freshmen Knile Davis and Ronnie Wingo Jr. are also possibilities in the backfield. Also, Adrian Moore (Oklahoma State) and Brandon Barnett could see time at running back.

Not to mention Arkansas’ Michael Smith, who hit the 1000 yard mark on 207 carries with eight touchdowns last season before suffering a bad hamstring injury. Now Smith’s back at 100% and likely to win the bulk of the touches.

Well, Broderick, looks like Arkansas will make you feel right back at home after all!



0 thoughts on “Horton Hears a Who..? Broderick Green Cleared for ’09

  1. So Broderick Green gets cleared for “family medical reasons” but Alex Stepheson doesn’t in basketball last year?

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