Rumor: D.J. Morgan Looking to ASU to Play With Brother?

D.J. took an unofficial visit to ASU yesterday and the rumor is that he is interested in joining up with his brother Josh, who played at Pasadena City College last year, as part of a package deal to play in Tempe. This is obviously very surprising news for SC fans since D.J. has been a firm commit to USC for a while now.

Personally, I don't think there is much to worry about here.  The way I see it is, if ASU bites at the bait and decides to go after D.J. via Josh, assuming the two would even follow through with commitments, SC could counter-offer and close the door on the situation.  That sounds arrogant, but anyone that has followed D.J. knows he is a big-time SC fan; he and Dillon Baxter have served as the D.J. Shoemate/Chris Galippo type recruiting coordinators for the class.  There's a reason why no major school has seriously tried to sway D.J. elsewhere; they know D.J. is a lock to SC.

Kyle Bunch

Partnerships for R/GA Ventures. Raised in California, adopted by Texas. Opinions expressed here are mine and they are fantastic.

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